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Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly Challenge 17 - B.A.B.Y. Challenge!

Here are the rules of the BABY Challenge - it is NOT about babies!
  • (B) = Brads
  • (A) = Aqua
  • (B) = Butterfly
  • (Y) = You as the Subject
This was coming at a perfect time because I was just about to start a scrapbook of my husband and I from the time we met until the time we had the kids - a way to tell them our story. So, I started with a page about me when I first met my husband. This was 13 years ago so these are old pics, but I love them! I spent the whole week on this as I had sick family here, but was really proud of this, and totally forgot to take and post my photos last night. I woke up this morning VERY upset remembering it! BUT, I will post them now!


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