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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some cards and my Journal Box

Since I recently FINALLY got Art Nouveau, I can't put it down! I've not been so excited about a cartridge in a long time! Here's one card I made using the Scarab:

Another I made using the Lilies:

A cute TY card using Winter Frolic and a card cut from Paper Trimmings:

And then there's my journal box - an idea I saw on Pinterest. I just took a clearanced out Christmas box and covered it with paper, made myself a tab template for the months and stamped them and the dates for the year. The goal is to write a sentence about something you did that day like a mini journal and there are enough lines on the cards to keep it up for 10 years. It's fun to see what you were doing the same day the year before or 5 years before! So far I am keeping up with it! I know, it seems like a small feat but that's about 10 days longer than I've ever kept up with a journal before!


Sarah said...

Your cards, as always, are so beautiful, and that journal box idea is a lot easier than actually journaling! Love it!

Bunnyfreak said...

Love the cards.

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