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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Faery Ink GDT Application

I am SO loving being on a fabulous design team and now I am going to try to be a guest designer on another one for a month!  Faery Ink is one of the FIRST places I found beautiful stamps when I started coloring a few months ago.  I would be thrilled to be able to guest design for them at some point next year!  Here's a link to the DT post.

And...here is my interview!  =D

1.  How did you find Faery Ink?  I was just looking online trying to find some beautiful images to start off my coloring journey back in April.
2. What are your top 3 favorite Faery Ink images? Why? Amber Unicorn Faery, Amber Heart Fae, Lady Spring Faery - I love the fantasy images - I love the little details these images offer. 
3. How many projects have you made from Faery Ink images? 4-5 projects 
4. What kind of projects do you like to make from Faery Ink images? (cards, art journals, boxes, candles, art for your personal use etc…) I love making cards - it's an easy way to make someone's day!
5. How many design teams are you currently on?  Just one
6. How many projects do you need to complete each month in order to satisfy your obligations to your other design teams? 5 projects 
7. Would you be open to a long term spot on the team? Sure, if I'm able to adequately support both teams well! 
8. Is there any month between December 2015 and November 2016 that you will be unavailable to be a guest designer? July 2016 would be a tough one. 
9. Are you familiar with the WordPress blogging platform?  I am not, no, just blogspot 
10. How often do you post on Facebook? Multiple times a day 
11. Do you participate in groups on Facebook?  More than I can count!
12. What other social media platforms are you active on?(Please provide links to your profile at each) Instagram


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